Here is a selection of photos of places and events from around our parish that sadly do not have their own page.

The saw pit, Oldbury-on-Severn - Photo : Roger Davis

“A skilled and exhausting job awaited the sawyers at their arrival at the yard. They were clever in moving a tree trunk into position over the sawpit, using simple equipment to great effect. Leverage was the important factor in this part of the work.

The master of the place would state his requirements as the sawing progressed, his stock of useful timber pieces for some time to come resting on the wise use of the trees he had bought. Another skill of the sawyer was the marking of where the saw cut was to run, using twine rubbed with charcoal or chalk, to spring against the tree trunk thus leaving a straight mark along it.

The top sawyer was the senior of the sawyers, and he stood on the tree trunk to hold his end of the pit saw. The bottom sawyer was in the unenviable position in the pit underneath and would often wear a suitable brimmed hat to help keep some of the sawdust from his eyes.

The job must have been more satisfying to watch than to do.”

Oldbury-on-Severn from the air. Photo : Sheila Bedford
River Severn at sunset from The Pill, Oldbury. Photo : Sheila Bedford
Springtime at St. Arilda's Church. Photo : Roger Davis