UPDATE – May 2021

Oldbury on Severn Neighbourhood Plan

Whilst parishioners have already provided significant input to the Neighbourhood Plan, statutory requirements present another opportunity to ‘have your say’ Please see below for information how to do this :-

In October last year, Oldbury-on-Severn Parish Council submitted the Oldbury Neighbourhood Development Plan (the Neighbourhood Plan) to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC). Since that time, SGC has undertaken the required compliance checks of the Plan and the associated documents that the Parish Council is required by law to submit.

Covid-19 has introduced a delay to SGC commencing the next stage of the process. However, with the situation easing, SGC now intends to publish the submission Plan for public consultation for a 6-week period between 11th June and 23rd July 2021. SGC will be co-ordinating the consultation.

The Neighbourhood Plan contains policies relating to the following themes:

  • Housing and Site Selection
  • Environment
  • Work, Traffic and Community

How to see the Plan and make comments

The Oldbury Neighbourhood Plan submission documents can be viewed and commented on, from 11th June, via SGC’s consultation homepage at the following address:

You will also be able to see the Plan and supporting evidence base at an IT terminal at Thornbury Library when the consultation period starts. You can see a paper copy at the Library, on request, and the copy will be quarantined for 72 hours after use before being used again. There will be no need to pre-book an appointment at the Library and Covid-19 safe practices are in place there. You will be able to contact Thornbury Library direct on
01454 865022 if you have any queries about viewing the Plan during the consultation period.

SGC recommends and encourages people to comment online to save paper if possible. However, you will be able to download a form from the consultation pages at the SGC website address above and return this via email to or by post to:
Department for Environment and Community Services
PO Box 1954
BS37 0DD

If you are unable to download a comments form, or reply online or via email, you can post a letter to the above address.

Please ensure that any comments on the Neighbourhood Plan are received by South Gloucestershire Council no later than 5pm on 23 July 2021.

Please be aware that all representations will be publicly available and may also appear on the South Gloucestershire Council website.

If you have any questions during the consultation period, please do not hesitate to contact the Strategic Planning Policy team on 01454 86 8896 or via the email address on the SGC website consultation pages.

Next Steps after the forthcoming consultation

Following consultation, SGC will forward comments received to an independent Examiner who will consider the comments and test the Plan to see if it complies with planning rules set by the Government called the “Basic Conditions”. If the Plan passes these tests or can be amended to do so in accordance with the Examiner’s recommendations, the Plan will move forward to a public referendum where those resident in the Plan area (parish) and on the Register of Electors will have the chance to vote to endorse the Plan. If a majority of voters on referendum day vote in favour of the Plan, SGC will be duty bound to “make” (or adopt) the Neighbourhood Plan as part of the “statutory development plan”. This will mean that it will, alongside the policies in the adopted SGC Core Strategy and any other SGC development plan documents, be used to help determine planning applications in the Parish

Thank you

Thank you, once again, to those of you who have helped to develop and shape the Neighbourhood Plan. Please take this opportunity to continue to help shape what is, after all, your Plan!

If you know of any organisation or individual who may be interested in this consultation, please do forward this information on to them.

To view the plan and other documentation please click on the links below :